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Sulphur Potassium


GENTATROL® SK 0-0-30+40S is a chloride free, clear to slightly yellow liquid. Containing Potassium and Sulfur available for plant.

Elemental S is not water soluble, so soil bacteria (such as Thiobacillus) must oxidize it to sulfate (SO4) before plant roots can take it up. Environmental factors such as soil temperature and moisture, as well as the physical properties of the S, govern the speed of this microbial process.

sulfur deficiencies can result in slowed plant growth rates and other problems. Symptoms of sulfur deficiency can include the plant turning from a lighter green to a yellow color or upward curving of the leaves.


  • Eliminating nutrient deficiencies of sulfur and potassium elements
  • Qualitative effect on color, taste of products
  • Protective and controlling effects against pathogens (fungi and insects)

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