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PERINOVA® Ammonium Sulphate


For pure colorless crystal side ramps, and water-soluble. Lost heating decomposition of ammonia as acid salt. 513ºC for the complete decomposition of ammonia and sulfuric acid. Industrial white or light gray to yellow particles. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, acetone, ammonia. Yi deliquescence. Industrial use of sulfuric acid and ammonia directly derived and in response, I do not, the main use of industrial-product, or the emission of sulfuric acid or ammonia absorption (such as coke oven gas sulfate absorption of ammonia, ammonia absorption smelter flue gas, karp wong production of ammonia sulfate or tio2 powder production of sulfuric acid waste). Gypsum has used the legal system ammonium sulfate (natural gypsum plaster or phosphorus, ammonia, carbon dioxide as raw materials).


High purity, fully water-soluble
Consists of 100% plant nutrients
Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants


Sulphur Trioxide (SO₃)60%
Sulphur (S)24%
pH (5% solution)5.0-5.5
EC (1g/l at 25  ̊C)1.57mS/cm
Bulk density1.77g/cm3

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