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PERINOVA® Fe-EDDHA  is a fully soluble cheated iron fertilizer, for water treatment. This is a soluble powder formulation of ferric ethylene diamin bis (2-hydroxyphenyl acetate). Contains 6% of iron. This product has very fast and durable effect on every type of soils and makes your farm resistant to iron shortage.


  • Contains 6% water soluble iron chelated by EDDHA of which 4.8% is chelated by the most biologically effective Ortho-Ortho
  • PERINOVA® Fe-EDDHA Standard is highly stable iron chelate suitable for use in high pH soils with high calcium carbonate levels.
  • Compatible with soluble phosphate thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and liquid feed systems.


Ethylene diamine-N, N’-bis (2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid) Ferric sodium complex
Formula: EDDHA-FeNa (C20H20N2O6FeNa)

Iron (Fe) content, typical (%)6.0
Fe chelates by Ortho-Ortho EDDHA (%)4.8
Practical pH stability range4 – 11

(in aqueous solution)

pH (1% solution)7- 9
Chloride (%)0.1 Max.
AppearanceDark Brown Powder / Micro Granules


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