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PERINOVA® Micro Complex 4Fe, 4Zn, 4Mn, 2Cu, 1S, 1B, 0.05Mo

  • In agriculture and horticulture as foliar feed, in soil or in hydroponics applications.
  • PERINOVA® Micro complex is a stable, non-dusting, water-soluble mixture of metal chelates.
  • Copper, iron, manganese, cobalt and zinc are present in a chelated form.
NutrientChelating agentTypical (%)
Iron (Fe)EDTA4.0
Zinc (Zn)EDTA4.0
Manganese (Mn)EDTA4.0
Copper (Cu)EDTA2.0
Sulfur (S)Inorganic1.0
Boron (B)Inorganic1
Molybdenum (Mo)Inorganic0.05
pH (1% solution): 5.5 – 7.5

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